Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Item number 27 on my bucket list is to make myself a winter cardigan/ jumper. On Saturday I decided I would make a start on this as I knit slowly, it'll be ready for next winter.

However, I have been enjoying a few days of doing not a lot I have not felt like going anywhere so I have sat on the sofa watching TV interspersed with a few short visits out. I have managed this;

Yep, a whole back of a cardigan for myself has emerged off of the needles. I have surprised myself with how much I have achieved knitting wise. The rest of the cardigan won't happen so quickly as I am back to work next week. Who knows I may manage to complete this by the end of this winter.

We have plans to complete several more items off of the list by the end of 2014, stand by whilst I make plans to help with this.

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