Monday, 2 December 2013

We did it!

Last week I began a challenge to see if I could raise enough money to buy Stephanie and myself a 'new to us' bike each. I sold old goods to the total of £34.50 and Stephanie sold £18.00 worth of her things. Stephanie is saving her 'earnings' towards getting herself a laptop which she is adamant she wants. Well if she can save enough then she can get one!

I spent £20.00 of my earnings on Sunday on this;

My little speed demon loves it! It looks huge at the moment, probably because she is only just big enough to ride it and it is a lot bigger than her last bike. First comment was "mum how heavy is this thing?!" However it wasn't long before she had ridden it all the way around the lake at the park we went to. Then time for a quick play before home;

Now I need to organise a few more items and get myself a new bike. I have £14.50 left over from what we have already sold, ladies bikes seem to be selling for around £40.00 so that gives me another £25.50 to find!

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