Sunday, 5 January 2014

Making the most of what we have

If I am to achieve all of my savings goals we also need to make the most of what we already have. I have a full freezer, a full store cupboard and lots in the fridge. I don't want ot waste any of it. We will be eating out of these for the next month- longer if I can stretch it that far and I'm sure I can.

Here are some pictures of what we have eaten so far:

Yummy toad in the holes. I stopped making toad in the hole as I don't like soggy bottoms. I saw the idea for making mini ones over on Elaine's blog. Such a common sense idea- and perfect. We no longer are put off by soggy bottoms. These were delicious.

Dylan made these yummy meatballs in a spicy tomato sauce, using only items from the kitchen.

this was left over roast lamb, my stir's contribution to Christmas lunch. Eaten with some salad etc lurking in the fridge.
Stuffed peppers, more of the lurking salad and some cous cous

These bananas were turned into 2 banana loaves. Which once cooked and cooled were sliced and put into portions before freezing.

This is the left over turkey portion up before it went in the freezer.

These were all organised/eaten over the Christmas period.
Yesterday Dylan and I had some of the party food I bought on half price. The day before was enchiladas. They were made all slightly different as Stephanie doesn't like spicy food so has hers plan. I had mushrooms added to my chicken as they needed using. Dylan doesn't like mushrooms so had his with just meat. I used an approved foods enchilada kit. They were either 99p or 2 for 99p, either way very cheap!


 here they all are plated up!
Today we are having a roast- gammon from the freezer, veg and potatoes already in and the Yorkshires made from what was already in the kitchen. I have made enough to plate up a dinner each as a microwave dinner for after school tomorrow. Fast and easy as I know we are all gong to be tired, first day back is always a killer!
I have also portion up some fruit salad;

This melon doesn't look so great does it! Would be tempting to just through it out. But look;

inside it is still perfect!

I sliced it all up and put it in a Tupperware;

perfect for snacking on/ throwing in the blender for  a busy breakfast smoothie. I then added in this reduced water melon I bought on Friday.

looks like a perfect snack doesn't it. I was so good and didn't pick any- the smell of dinner cooking kept me on the straight and narrow! LOL

 I didn't waste the skins either- slice them up lots smaller and into the compost they went. Wait a few months and perfect compost for our garden. There has been a busy spider out there this afternoon, let's gloss over the spider dance to get tot the compost bin!

I am also trying to reduce our inedible waste so have started to save milk bottles to make a living garden fence; I have two like this so far;

I can't wait to get them planted up- the plan is for my own version of this to develop;

(picture from google)



  1. I like the look of that roasted yellow pepper, cous cous and olives. My 3 favourite things as a meal. I have a love/hate relationship with melons since I was a child. You are doing well with using what you have. Every little helps as they say

    1. the yellow pepper was stuffed with mushrooms and cheese (again fridge lurkers!) it tasted great :-)
      I'm not over keen on melon, Stephanie loves them they were bought for her and then she went to her dad's hence looking slightly past there best. She has been digging in this evening though :-)