Monday, 6 January 2014


This month my car insurance is due. This means that I spend a while on various comparison websites trying to get the cheapest deal possible.

This year I was pleasantly surprised. The quote I have received from the insurers I have been with previously increased every year, despite me not having any accidents/ speeding points or other offences which may affect my premiums. This means that I never stay with the same insurer, I change yearly. The worst has to be the year an insurer wanted to double my premium!

So once I received the renewal letter I started to search all those sites we know the adverts for, then I looked on quidco and topcashback to see what their searches all say. Even taking into account the cash back available from these sites. My current insurer are the cheapest this year- my premium has even gone down! I am so pleased. As I pay monthly it works out at  around £4.00 a month cheaper this year. I am a happy bunny.


  1. I do hope my insurance goes down. I pay a small fortune, been driving for only a year and I will make sure that I shop around to find the cheapest quotation when It comes to renewing.

    1. insurance is very expensive particularly when you start driving. I remember one of my first premiums being £1250 a year! I am pleased to say I pay less than 1/5 of that now. It's definitely worth shopping around, always phone your current insurer once you have cheaper quotes, they will often try to beat your cheapest quote, saving you more again :-)