Tuesday, 7 January 2014


I have saved the overpayment for the car for the January already see here for my plans with this, so I have turned my focus to save an emergency fund as prompted by Elaine over at mortgage free in 3.
I had already began to think about setting up one, using an old passbook savings account
I have at the building society. Reading through Elaine's January challenge has prompted me to pull on my big girl knickers and get on with it!
I have my notebook sorted;
that little grid has 100 squares on it- £5.00 per square every time I send money across I colour in the corresponding amount of squares- I like to see how quickly they are filling up- I'm already on my second row!I can't wait until they are full, I like to meet a challenge.
I have also been recording in my little diary what I spend each day;

and any no spend days- I have already completed 5 no spend days this year. Only 235 no spend days to go to reach my target for 2014!

How are you goals for 2014 coming along?


  1. You seem very focused and you know what you are doing. My goals are going as expected, in the right direction and I am just hoping to stick to them

    1. I am hoping that being organised will help me to keep my focus. Doing this along with Elaine and her group pf followers is also helping. The fact that I wanted to do this and then I found that Elaine was hosting a 'save-along' just makes it that little easier. I am hoping that building the habits now will embed them and help me to focus for the rest of the year.

      I'm glad your goals are coming along well too :-)