Sunday, 26 January 2014

This weeks update

Stephanie has a nasty hacking cough at the moment, which means we haven't slept well this week. I have been so tired that I have not stuck well to our no spend days. I gave in on Thursday and bought myself a bag of crisps and fizzy drink when my colleague went to the shop. Friday I bought a Chinese (whoops!)
I have been better over the weekend. I went to the shop on Saturday and bought a small box of washing powder as I had completely run out and I couldn't get to the supermarket until today as I had my sister's children for her yesterday.

Having my sister's 3 was lovely. How quickly you forget how much can be done with a tiny baby. It's the first time I have had the baby. it was lovely but exhausting. By the end o the day we were getting used to eachothers ways! LOL
Today we did our bigger monthly shop for toiletries as well as food. I spent a whopping £58.54, minus some vouchers i had to use up so i paid £57.24. We all needed new footwear today so an extra £41.00. Then filled the car  £44.42.
This afternoon Stephanie asked to make herself a new bag. So here she is getting started;

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