Saturday, 18 January 2014

Weekly round up of goals

I have been shopping today for the bits and pieces we need for the next week. I have bought what was on the list, although I shopped at 3 different stores today- normally I don't do this.

It came about because Stephanie had a one off (free!) diving lesson at the sports centre where my gym is. As they have a whole weekend of different water based activities there is no charge for parking. Although if you park and use the leisure centre parking is refunded usually anyway. I digress.

After Stephanie's lesson she went to her dad's for the weekend, I took the opportunity of the free parking space to walk to the town and pay in a cheque at the bank. The lesson had been an hour long, I thought it was only half hour so was very peckish walking up to the high street so I decided to go into Wilkinsons and buy the cheapest sandwich/lunch snack I could as I was popping in there for some toothpaste. There were no sandwiches there which I like so I bought a drink as they were on offer, as was the toothpaste. So I popped in the coop and get my sandwich., £1.10 I didn't buy anything else in here. I ate it as I went back to the leisure  centre. Then I went in and spent an hour in the gym making myself hot and sweaty.

Then headed to my supermarket of choice. I was very good walking around only buying from the list. My shopping in there only came to £7.21 as I had these

yup that's £4.15 in price match vouchers. Thank you to my sister shopping, deciding its too expensive and donating the voucher to me (she brand shops, I don't so have no issue with the pricing). I really needed some cooking oil and their shelves were almost empty, except for the expensive £4 a bottle ones. Sorry I'd rather do without than pay that.
So I popped into the little aldi on the way home. I don't usually shop in there as it's a mess in there and I hate the tiny awkward carpark. However I need to get over this looking at some of the prices as I wandered around! I think I may need to build in a visit in there for bits and then decide if I need to go to the other supermarket afterwards!

So this weeks total shop came to £16.80, including lunch 'out'. So £3.20 to add to the savings account. Taking my emergency funds to 15% of its target total.

I also filled the car, last Sunday's outing ate into my petrol reserve so the full budgeted for £30 went in this week.

My no spend days currently stand at 12/240 so far. I am finding this easier as the month goes on, I even went to the shop at lunchtime with a colleague and didn't buy anything for myself. That is a big step for me, I usually can't resist getting a little chocolate bar/bag of crisps. I think that we still have so much of that left at home from Christmas I have been putting it in my lunch so I don't feel the need to buy. I don't eat it most days, just get comfort from knowing if want to I can! LOL

So far so good with the aims for this year. I hope yours are going well too.


  1. I haven't been near the shops all week. School has kept me too busy!

    You are doing so well with your savings and non-spend days.

    Sft x

  2. Ty, school is very good at keeping us busy isn't it! Lol

  3. I use Aldi if I am passing as they have some things like milk and olive oil at good prices.
    Their fruit and veg I only buy if I will be using it the same day or if I am prepping and freezing it as I find it just doesn't store well. I could never do a full shop there as they are not the cheapest for everything, like any shop.

    1. I did wonder about how long their fruit/veg would last as some of it is almost half the price of Tesco. thank you for your input. I too wouldn't do a full shops there but some of their bits which we use were a lot cheaper. Maybe on an easy weekend I could go there before heading off to Tesco for other bits