Sunday, 2 February 2014

home making, a Hogwarts school uniform tutorial

This weekend I have spent money on items we needed but i have also saved money by making things for myself. The first thing I did was to bottle the fruit vodka I made last year. there is 1 bottle of blackberry vodka the others are damson vodka. It is very strong, I couldn't resist a little taste as I bottled it. It is very strong though I will need lots of lemonade in mine.

One of the full bottles is destined to be a present for my dad's birthday in April, it was my dad who first introduced me to fruit vodkas.

The next thing i have done is make Stephanie's book week costume. She came home fro school on Friday very excited that she can dress a sher favourite charcter. At the moment she is loving Harry Potter, oh who am I trying to kid- she has been into Harry Potter for the last year in  a BIG way. SO she came home can you get me a Hermione costume please mum. Well i looked on amazon- £20! So I decided to make our own. Here is what a did;

I laid Stephanie on a black bed sheet (cheaper than the material in the fabric shop. I drew around her. I then realised I could make less work for myself if I folded the fabric in half. The fold becomes the shoulders, so less seams and no faffing with a neck line!

 Then I folded the template in half to make sure it is symetrical. Also keep it to cut up the front of the costume to make the front opening
This is the cloak before sewing. Sew both sides and along the sleeves.

Once sewn it looks like this. Print off the Harry Potter crest required. As Stephanie is wanting to be Hermione I printed the Gryffindor crest. Laminate to add strength.

Stitch around the outside of the crest to hold it securely in place.

There you have a Hogwarts witching/ wizardry robe for £5.00. If you happen to have an old black bed sheet or other suitable fabric then you could cut the cost even more!
I think Stephanie's face says it all.

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