Sunday, 23 February 2014

Shh I have a confession!

I've been a little but naughty this month. :-(

I confess I dipped into my savings, you know the ones that I was saving to repay the car off early.

My laptop died. it has been on the off for a while, very slow working on occasional days. I have been sharing Dylan's pc with him, but when he is writing essays and things for his exams its not easy to share, so I spotted an offer on a desktop computer and went for it. I have dipped into the savings and I'm not proud. now I need to find ways to earn back that money. I loaded some items into my Etsy shop the other day. As yet no buyers, but hopefully I will. I need to get more made so that there is a range in the shop to take peoples interest and then hopefully I will get  a small side hustle as Team Collier call it going.
So how much have I dipped out of my savings? £452.00. not all of that went on the computer some of it went on our trip to the cinema the other day, a little on a Chinese last week. So how am I going to pay this back and keep up the current rate of savings? Honest answer is not sure yet but I am determined to do it. I think it is feasible to set myself a target of making my current rate of savings each month which is £342.11 plus a little more. I am setting the target of £400.00 to make it a nice round figure. Which means in the next 8 months that will be paid back. How am I going to do that?

Well I will take any opportunity I can to save money. So last night it was girls night. I went to  a tribute Bon Jovi act (love Bon Jovi but the real thing is far too many £££'s for me to get there) This one cost £7.50. I had put away £30 for this night thinking I'd have a few drinks and let my hair down so after paying entrance fees that left £22.50 for me. What's left in my purse will go towards this months savings. This is what I had left when I came home last night;
I hear you what kind of pub is this that you only spend 50p? Well seeing as I know I have wayyyy over spent this month and I am off out for my sister's hen party next week so I will be spending again. I offered to be designated driver last night. So I paid my entrance fee; one of the girls had pre-booked the tickets so I needed to give her my money neither of us had a 50p so I paid £8.00 and said no worries. Then as reward for being designated driver my lemonades were bought for me. Did I have a worse night for not drinking? Not at all. I loved it I was jumping up and down shout/singing with everyone else. I also know without having spoken to the girls I definitely feel better than they do this morning ;-)

So that there £22.00 is going to wing its way straight back into the savings leaving £278.00 to find the rest of the month.

So I am going to keep a close eye on Elaine's blog as yesterday her and the children have set themselves an eye wateringly high savings target and are planning on several side hustles to  achieve this. I'm going to be watching closely to see if there are some ideas I might be able to magpie in order to achieve our, albeit smaller, target this month.


  1. Well done on your budget night out! Do you use eBay? You could list some of your creations on there as well, it's free listingas today for private sellers. Also download the Qmee toolbar, I make about £3-£4 a month which I know isn't much but...

    1. oohh ty for the heads up re ebay. will get listing after dinner.
      and look into the Qmee toolbar. I've not heard of that but £3-£4 a month extra is money made! all adds up :-)