Monday, 24 February 2014

another lovely family day out

On Sunday we went out for the day- I know I said i'm saving, but I booked this on groupon last month (before I overspent on other stuff) look:

Now the full price for our day out should have been £9.00 for an adult and £5.50 for a child. As Dylan doesn't often want to com eon days out with us these days :-( I booked 2 tickets at the bargain price of £5.00 each through groupon when the offer came up last month. It should have cost me £14.50. therefore I saved £4.50 by buying this way.

So I packed lunch for Stephanie and I, determined not to spend more than I needed.
When we got there we discovered the wildlife park was high up on a hill and windy! Good job I had packed lots of layers to wear! LOL
However it did make it rather cold to sit outside and eat our picnic- especially for my poor sister who is breastfeeding lol.
So we took ourselves into the café, now as is normal in these places there are signs saying now picnicking, only food bought here to be consumed etc etc.
Now my sister was buying sandwiches there, I was not. So I bought a hot choc each for me and Stephanie to warm up as we ate. the staff seemed to turn a blind eye to our own sandwiches being eaten (thank you!), perhaps as we had bought drinks, it was incredibly windy and they still had half their tables empty. I'm sure it would have been a different story in the height of summer!

We had a fabulous time there, we looked at all sorts of birds of prey, we watched displays with some of them flying- others refusing! LOL

We then got to meet the husky dogs, well 2 of them. They were so over friendly lol. one of them knocked Stephanie off the bench. Lucky there was a lovely older couple sat behind her who were quick at catching and 2 Stephanie is not at all nervous of big dogs look;

The lovely Coco jumping up for a hug! lol
The staff at the park were very knowledgeable about the animals they have and incredibly friendly. They answered all of the children's questions even the repetitive ones, with good humour and patience.

As it is called eagle heights I expected lots of feathered friends. I was not disappointed. But I was also amazed at just how many other species there were there- there is even a reptile house.

My nephew trying out his parseltongue!!
Yes Stephanie's Harry Potter obsession is passing off onto other family members.

From talking to the staff we learnt that most of the animals in the pack are rescued, they have been collected by the park when owners have been unable to care for them so that they are not euthanized. What a fantastic ethos!
This is only a 30-40 minute drive for our home. we will definitely be going back. What a fantastic gem of a place.
The link for the park's website is eagle heights, just in case you are in the area and want to take a look. I can even recommend the play area- very challenging even for adults! LOL

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