Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Tonights dinner

On Sunday I menu planned for the week. I haven't done this properly for a few weeks.

The plan this week is:
Monday- Steak and chips. Stephanie had dinner with her dad before he bought her home so no veggie version needed.
Tuseday- Chicken stir fry, quorn stir fry for Stephanie
Wednesday- turkey curry, Stephanie is with her dad no veggie needed
Thursday- tinned fish and pasta
Friday- home made pizza
Saturday- Eating out (my sisters Hen night) Children at their dads.
Sunday- roast, Stephanie with a quorn version.

Today I was talking abou tfood with the children at school- we made stir fry last term with a company that came in and cooked with us. I started to think oh but I don't have any mushrooms like they used, I don't have any spring onions, or stem ginger. I'm going to have to go to the shop. I argued in my head-NO, NO SHOPPING!

I was good and I didn't go to the shop. I used ground ginger as I have that in the kitchen. I have chopped onion in the freezer, so used that. I didn't have any mushrooms substitutes, but I do have lots of other frozen veg.

In our stir fry I put;
soy sauce
ground ginger

All of which I had in the kitchen already. I tasted good. I also have some left for lunches for the next couple of days;

Lovely! One looks darker than the other, as Stephanie doesn't  like the soy sauce so the veggie one is very pale. Nevermind, I will still eat it.

I keep checking my ebay items, I have lots of watchers on them with 5 days left to go so hopefully they will all sell brining in extra cash.

As it is payday I sent over £100.00 to the car savings fund to get that back on track. That leaves another £278 to find before the end of March.

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