Saturday, 15 February 2014

Slip and a leap

I felt that the last month I have slipped off the non spending band wagon. I have bought a lot of things, although needed I have spent more than I budgeted for. The children have need new clothes/ footwear. I needed new shoes when mine got a leak! With the weather as it has been leaky shoes are not an option!

So this week money has been eekkky. I have had just £0.50 sat in the bank. I had £4.00 in my purse, now that is down to 50p. Stephanie had a non uniform day at school in the week costing £1.00, then the tooth fairy visited last night cost £1.00. Today I took my sister for her wedding dress fitting cost £1.50 for parking. So I have been creative with cooking/meals. It has been good for me as I haven't been able to do what I normally do when tired on a Friday and pop to asda for a pizza. I had to make it using ingredients already in the house. So I have done ok. I will be ok as I have money due in Monday and Tuesday this week. Phew! Not much but enough to cover what I need. I have booked Stephanie on a dance course on Monday which will cost £15.00. The rest of the week we won't need to spend as we have memberships etc we can use. I will need to top the car up it is almost on empty. However, we will just do more local things we can walk to as far as possible. Monday the children have th dentist and from their to Stephanie's dance class, we can't walk to these as they are a couple of towns away and we just won't have time between the 2. I need to collect Stephanie from her dad's tomorrow as his car is broken so he can't drop off as he normally would. Apart from that we will be local all week until Sunday. I have booked us a day out through groupon the day out is half the cost it normally would be and Stephanie has been asking to go for over a year. Its costing me £15.00 for the day instead of £30 thanks to the vouchers. we may pop to the zoo one day as well if the gale force winds die down soon. I don't mind going out in the cold/ wet but I do object to being blown away!

The good news is the money situation means that I have got my total no spend days this year to 25! which I am fantastically pleased with.
The freezer is emptying nicely (needs defrosting) as we are eating up what we have.

Oh and my iron broke today, so I can't do the ironing :-)


  1. hi! just found your blog today and i am having a read through your posts.....i do have to would take me a LONG LONG time to find just the RIGHT replacement iron LOL

    1. Hello and welcome :-)
      Haha I would have taken longer, but I want to do some sewing this week lol