Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Making the most of it.

As everyone is aware we are having extremely wet weather here in the UK at the moment. I am lucky that where I live we have only been affected by wet roads! I have my car tidal waved by lorries on my way to anf fro work but that is nothing compared to what some areas are experiencing.

In a town only a short drive away there has been horrendous flooding leaving people cut off and unable to get to the shops for food etc.

We have still been able to get out and explore. So on Sunday we went to a park in a nearby town which has been affected by the flooding.

The park has a  lake which has swollen slightly.

This is actually the foot path set fairly far back from the lake. The benches in the background of the photograph are set a couple of foot back from where the lake usually sits.

Knowing my water babe wouldn't be able to resist a splash I packed a spare change of clothes and a flask of hot chocolate for when we had finished.

Emptying her welly- a futile task!

Splish splash!

how deep is it?

Even the little people were exploring.
I hope that the weather stops soon and those who have been affected by the weather are able to get back to normal ASAP!

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