Monday, 21 April 2014

busy week!

Wow where has the last week gone? We have been very busy. Good busy though lots of fun. We have had the family from 'oop north' visiting. We have had a wedding. We have had a weekend away. All in one week!

The happy couple having their first dance.

Me holding up the castle, relieving the boredom while the proper photographs were taken. When the photographers' photos are back I am hoping to have one or two nice ones of me and my two. I don't feel I should share any others here as they are not only my children in the pictures.
It was a brilliant day with lots of family fun and giggles, lots of stories to talk of silly moments for years to come!
Now I must go and get some dinner on if I am to get us organised for back to school in the morning, oh and a certain little lady's 8th(!!) birthday tomorrow.

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