Thursday, 24 April 2014

Devon mini break

Last week I booked us a last minute weekend getaway in an effort to relax before we all started back to school. I decided that we would go to Devon. I likeit there the sceneray is very pretty and it is a relatively short drive. It should have taken us 3 hours 25 minutes to get to where I had booked. Unfoirtunately there was a traffic incident- along the 3 motorways we had to tracvel along; meaning we did this a lot:

yup!! we sat at a complete standstill. A LOT. the journey took us 7 and a half hours in total!

Nevermind it was sowrth it. I had booked us to stay in a little 'pod' as I thought it might be warmer/drier than the tent. The days a relatively nice at the moment but evenings are still very cold.

The pod was £103 for the three of us to stay in for three nights. The pod did cost us almost double what the tent would have cost at the site we stayed on. But look at it!!

Inside there are 2 single beds and one double. It was the perfect size for us. Friday was a beautiful day ( our travelling day!) So when we got there ready to stretch our legs we went straight out for a walk. The site leads straight out into the woods so we had a wander. We saw dg walkers, cyclists and horseriders all out enjoying the weather. We made up stories about fairies we invented as we walked.
We even found a rope swing to play on. Unfortunately my phone died before I got to take any photographs.
We then headed back to have dinner.
I decided to give the children their Easter egg from me early so that they could enjoy them whilst we were away ( and I didn't have to panic over the fact they might melt, like I was on the way to Devon!

We played some card games before we crawled into our sleeping bags for the night.


So that was our first day of our get away break. I'll show you some more tomorrow as I should be doing some paperwork about now!


  1. Looks fabulous and what a great place to stay in and it seemed well price considering the place.

    Poor you, it took such a long time. I know the traffic on the good Friday was awful as the m3 near where i live was heaving!

    Looks like the break was lovely though:-)

    1. It was fantastic Dannie. The traffic on Good Friday was awful, my sister went to Scunthorpe and it took her twice as long as it should have done. Never mind, when we got there we had a great time, so was well worth it :-)