Monday, 7 April 2014


I have written on my list of home to-do's that I would sort my

under the stairs cupboard. I did this yesterday.

This is a bag of old shoes I am sorting through to put on eBay. I also through one black sack of toot out. The cupboard is now useable and I can find what I need under there.

I am trying to raise as much cash as possible so I have been listing onto eBay all of the shoes that I think will sell. So far I have listed 10 items. Which incidentally helps with another of my to do list aims- to list at least one item a day to sell on eBay/face bay. I have one item being bid on at the moment and several others being watched- so fingers crossed. They are all children's shoes that I am currently listing. I have had to take a break as the batteries have died for taking the photographs. There will be more listed over the next few days- if you need any shoes, or know someone who does send them here for a bargain My EBay page.

Lot's more organising to do I plan on doing a little a day, so could be more than just shoes listed over the next couple of weeks, as I move around the different hotspots for clutter in my home.

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