Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A girl's bedroom

I am in the middle of revamping this bedroom-

Yes, that is Stephanie's room, possibly the scariest room in the house, she has so much stuff and I can not convince her to let go of anything. I must admit every so often I go in and remove a few things, she never notices. She needs a new bed, the one she has been glued back together after a couple of breaks and now the mattress is very uncomfortable, I couldn't sleep on it so I have been saving and have managed to get her a grown up bed on eBay. All for the measly cost of £53.00 for the frame she wanted- I know that they retail for over £200 so I am happy with this. I need to get her a mattress, there is a shop I use in the next town where they deliver same day if you get there before lunch, the mattresses are reasonably priced and last well. I have had the one on my bed for 5 years, or is it 6 and it is still perfect. The one on Stephanie's current bed is 3 and awful! So a nice new one will be on it's way this afternoon.

I woke up to a perfectly timed email from www.zurleys.co.uk asking what I would buy from their range if money was no object all for the chance to win a desk. Well you know what is on Stephanie's wish list don't you, that's right she wants a desk for her bedroom. She currently has one of the little plastic garden table and chairs you get in town for £5.00.
I have had a quick look around the website there are some lovely pieces on there. I looked with Stephanie's room in mind, if I could afford anything that she wanted I would buy her these;

White 2+3 Chest of DrawersVenice White Bedside Chest Of Drawers

Venice White 2 Door WardrobeJames Tall Bookcase

All of these pieces would work with furniture she currently has and the white colour would match in with her new (to us) bed, now the piece she is really interested in is this
White Computer Office Desk This is what she would absolutely love.

We have simple taste here, I don't follow price tags we buy what we like, these are our choices for this room. There are lots of pieces on the site that if I wasn't on a budget I might buy for other rooms in the house.
Pop on over to the Zurleys website,  what would be on your wish list?

I have not been paid for this post, I have created this post in response to an email offering me the chance to win a desk from Zurleys- fingers crossed and Stephanie might be even closer to the bedroom she wants!

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