Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Yesterday we sorted out Stephanie's bedroom. I have got her a new (to us) bed on eBay for £53, they are £300 new.
So we started by removing all of her belongings from the room which resulted in my bedroom looking like this;

Scary mess!

We dismantled her old bed, I listed it on facebay to see if we can get a quick sale. Then built her new bed. then the task of sorting out her toys and belongings. Stephanie was really good as normally we are not allowed to remove anything from her room ( I do it when she stays out!) However she allowed me to take 4 black sacks of unwanted stuff out of the room. I could have taken more, but knew I was already pushing it to get that much out with permission LOL

We know have a bedroom that looks like this;

Stephanie loves her new room.

Oh and mine is tidy again now too :-)

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