Sunday, 11 May 2014

Harry Potter

You remember how my little lady is Harry Potter crazy so much so that this year I have made her a Harry Potter costume for World Book Day, and a Harry Potter Cake for her birthday as well as buying everything harry otter for her birthday.

Well, this weekend was the final part of her birthday surprise- A trip to Harry Potter tour London. As my niece and nephew are also Harry Potter crazy they came too, well my niece had asked for the same thing for her birthday and the girl's birthdays are a month apart so we went together. We didn't tell the children and it wasn't until I stopped to show our tickets to the car park attendant they realised where we were! Cue lots of excited squealing from the back of the carl. As soon as it was declared safe to exit the vehicle we had three children who could not stop bouncing up and down in excitement.

It was an absolutely phenomenal day, even my sister and I got caught up in the excitement as soon as we passed through the main entrance- look there is Harry, there's the Weasleys car, oh oh oh look!!!
The magic of the day was everything we had hoped for and more.

One thing we hadn't expected was just how expensive it was! I knew it wouldn't be cheap there but £2.00 for a bottle of drink in the café- £5.00 almost for a sandwich. I'm glad we had lunch packed and eaten before we arrived. I did buy a butter beer which the five of us shared, good job we only bought one as no-one except me actually liked it! LOL

We had an amazing day looking at the costumes, learning how the masks etc were made. Flying through London first in the Weasley's car and then on broomsticks! It truly was magical and was worth every penny for the entrance fee.

Could have done without the shock of the gift shop at the end- £25 for a plastic wand anyone? What about £20 for a notebook? Cue some very sad faced children when they were told they couldn't have any of the things they actually wanted as it was just too much money, and 2 very disappointed Mum's that had to say no to the children because they couldn't afford to buy them anything in the shop after promising them a treat at the end of the day, and one that couldn't be avoided with a whoops the shop must have shut as you can't get out without going through the extortionate shop. Very disappointing way to end the day. All three of our children were very good and didn't tantrum tetc after all we have never hid from them that there is only so much money in the pot, when it's gone that's it. But it is still not how we expected to end the day.

We were a little mollified today when we met up with my brother- he hasn't seen Stephanie since before her birthday so hadn't given her her presents- he had only got her a book of spells and a Harry potter broomstick. Exactly like the one she desperately wanted in the shop for almost £30 yesterday. He had got it for less than £10 on the internet!

We flew over Hogwart's!!

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