Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Frugality continued

I am still keeping up with the frugality, chipping away at building an emergency fund. My emergency fund is currently at £280.12. I will have it full up very soon.

I am still spending as little as possible on food;

Shopping for the yellow stickers. Lot's of delicious fruit and vegetable scored on Bank holiday Monday morning. Bags of apples for 27p. 6 apples in a bag, nothing wrong other than having a best before of that day. Over a week later and they are still in my fridge perfect- well minus the bag and a half that have been eaten! Lettuce and eggs, avocado and clementines all reduce to 20-30p. I had all of this lot for less than £7!

I have spent a little more this week on our shopping because I didn't get there at reduced times, never mind the shop for the week is still under £20 by 38p!

The children's nan is helping out, she likes to cook and often sends me and my sister in law food parcels. This week I had 2 individual portions of sausage casserole, 2 of Bolognese, 2 containers of chicken curry. All lovely homemade food. This has fed us since Sunday. Tomorrow we will have the last of the parcel. It is the chicken curry which we will eat with jacket potatoes. Then we will continue to eat out of the freezer. I have been feeding us out of the freezer since February/ March time. We would have ran out a little sooner but I do get several meals each time Dylan goes to his nan and granddads, we have also had a meal out for Stephanie's birthday and my sister and her husband treated us to a meal out as a thank you for helping with their wedding.

I think I have about another weeks worth of food in the freezer before it will be empty. My plan is to empty it before we go away for half term, then I shall defrost it and replace the freezer. The thermostat is very dodgy and it needs defrosting every 2 weeks really. I want to get a frost free version this time to save on the defrosting hassle.

A combination of left overs and food parcels from Nan makes for some very easy dinners after work. I am always grateful for things which make life easier particularly during the working week. Especially so the last week- we have had the big O in work. Always a stressful time as those in the profession will understand, I am pleased they are gone. Whilst I am confident that I didn't put on a show for their visit, you do feel on high alert all day everyday that they are there! lol

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