Saturday, 17 May 2014

getting ready for summer

We have been promised a lovely sunny weekend. Whilst it is warm outside (at 8 am this morning when I pu the washing out. It isn't yet sunny. But well the weather man says the sun is going to shine- why would I doubt that ;-)

So I came inside to get my feet ready, well if the sun is going to shine I will need to have my flip flops on won't I? I have been waiting for this all winter. I hate how closed in your feet feel during winter but not as much as I hate cold feet. hence I give in and wear the boots.

So where did I start with getting my feet ready? Well I started a little a couple of weeks ago with this;

Nope, that's not a razor! It is a pedi express by Scholl. It is like a battery sander for feet. You turn it on and gently rub the rotating sander over your feet and it smooths away all the dead/dry skin.

I have been using this for a couple of weeks, just once or twice a week. The gumpf that comes with the product says you can use it daily. I confess I haven't had time/ inclination the last couple of weeks to do it daily. However, it is working even with my low level of weekly usage. It is a little tickly at first but you get used to it. If you press to hard it stops, so there is no worry about hurting your feet. It is a little messy though;

look at all that manky foot dust! So a quick wash and then apply the smoothing serum

and you have lovely soft feet;

Now that's the soles sorted but I want the toes to look good too so I applied a coat of my favourite shade;
Very pale pink and then added some pretties using Stephanie's nail stamping kit;

Now where is my sunshine????

I have been able to review this product through the bzz agent website. I am a member of their panel and as such I get invited to try some campaigns where I receive the product to test and review giving, as always, my honest opinion. I do not receive payment for my views.

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