Sunday, 18 May 2014

Summery summery summer prep

I have been saying for around a year that  was going ot patio over part of my garden. I decided yesterday was the day. I measured up got some advice from family and headed off to B and q. a bit of a wobble when I got there about the many different bags of sand etc for the job. Made my decision and after a couple of trips had all the things I needed. I did the journey in several trips as I didn't want too much weight in my little car at once.

A little before shot of the area to be patioed.
Almost finished. Not perfect for all you builders/perfectionists out there. But I am pleased with it. I stopped there as I was unsure how to cut the slabs to make them fit. I don't want to buy expensive tools I won't use again and it turns out nobody nearby has them either.
So I went in had dinner and puzzled it over. This morning I got up went for a run, yes still at it!
Then I came and decided was going to finish the job. I used a rubber mallet which means the pieces didn't break perfectly so I have a crazy paving effect. Which incidentally I love;
My very own patio that I can sit at in the garden
And do things such as eat my breakfast;
Or write blog posts as I am now. I may even do some paperwork out here later!
Enjoy your sunny day I am off out for a pub lunch with family very soon.

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