Friday, 23 May 2014

Ice cream sandwiches

It has been perfect weather here for the past few weeks. Sunny and warm. (just ignore the interspersing rain and wind!) LOL
we have been experimenting with jules destrooper biscuits. we have a selection of the boxes including

  • almond Florentines
  • chocolate delight
  • butter crisps
  • almond thins
  • hazelnut Florentines with crispy rice

Some have been eaten straight out of the box- well look at these;
They taste as good as they look!

In fact I may have snuck off to bed one evening with a box and snaffled them all myself before I went to sleep!

We have also been making some lovely ice cream sandwiches during our wonderful weather we have been having;

butter crisps with vanilla ice cream

Florentines with vanilla ice cream. Not recommended unless like me you have a very sweet tooth! LOL
these ones don't show very clearly but they have chocolate sprinkles and vimto ice cream sauce in them. That was very tasty too.

Going, going

Gone LOL
We still have several left and I am loving them, it is taking a lot of self restraint not to just eat them all and pretend that they self combusted so that I don't have to share them with the children! LOL
I have been provided with a selection of the biscuits to try in order to complete this review (as seen in the initial photograph). I have not been paid for this. All opinions in this review are my own and completely truthful.


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