Saturday, 28 June 2014

Crafting on

Yesterday I got home from work to be asked by Stephanie is she could paint some of the clay pots she made a little while ago. So out come the paints.

I had been planning on coming home and getting this beast out so that I could get on with extra large pile of paper work I need to do this week;
Oh well I thought it's only another half hour, it'll wait. My baby won't. So we painted her pots. Then she found her old shaker maker set, can we do this?
So we did. Then the hamma beads were found, so we did those;
A crafty box set for eraser making was discovered lurking in the cupboard. So we did those as well;

By which time it was 9pm. Hmm I said its' already late when you have a swimming lesson first thing in the morning. Shower and bed. So Stephanie showered and I took the beast upstairs. My foot was hurting you see so I thought I would sit in bed and get on with the paperwork. I could use my headphones and listen to the radio as I worked. This was at 9.30pm. Something must have gone wrong with the plan though as the next thing I now it is 6.30AM and I have a little lady showing me that the eraser models we baked before she went to bed had cooled down. I was getting a good morning story from the characters we had created.
I guess I was a little tired after all. The paperwork is still here, I have managed about 1/5 of it this afternoon in between house work and loom bracelet making on the new kit Stephanie bought herself whilst we shopped this morning.
 Oh well I have had fun with my baby girl, soon she'll be a teenager (eek!) and won't want to spend time with me. I'll just have to manage to work through my lunches this week to catch up. sandwiches and easy to eat at the computer food. It is worth it!!


  1. Children are way more important than paperwork, so glad you had fun together

    1. So true!! I'm glad I did it too. I normally would without hesitation but it's report writing time of year so extra pressure on at work.