Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Getting there

The other day I blogged about feeling a little overwhelmed. Since making a plan to get the problems sorted I am feeling much more in control. The housework was getting on top of me, the paperwork was getting a bit much. It's been hot and making it difficult to sleep which hasn't helped.
I have stuck to the plan for the housework to get back in control and I am almost there. I have been doing a little of each job a day and chipping away at them. The ironing was a massive problem for me, I hate the washing building up. Just a couple of days in and it is nearly gone. I have cleared this much each time I got the ironing board out;
So that has left the overflowing basket which had more than twice the amount it could hold in it now looks like this;
After tomorrow's ironing session it should be empty. Then it will be a ten minute job each day as I empty the dry clothes of the line to keep up to date. Hopefully I can keep up with the momentum and not let myself get behind again. I have also been following my menu plan so getting more organised with dinners freeing up more time of an evening.
I have a busy weekend so need to keep going so that I get everything done that needs to be.


  1. It is so easy to let things slide for a little while only to find that the "catch up" is daunting. Well done for getting back on track so quickly. I spent a day in the garden working and playing ball with Ben yesterday, add in 3 walks and a quick visit in the village and no housework was done. Result 2 days chores for today.

    1. It is tricky to balance everything sometimes isn't it. O'm back a little bit again this evening as we had parents evening for Dylan so nothing has been done today