Tuesday, 17 June 2014

My little star

Today was a busy day work straight from work for a 40 mile drive to another school as Stephanie had been asked to swim in a gala representing her school. Stephanie was taken there by another mum as I didn't have time to leave work, collect her and get to the next school in time for the gala to start. Luckily coming straight from my work I arrived at the same time as Stephanie. So I didn't miss any of the gala, I had been worried I might miss the beginning races and we didn't know the running order until we got there.

Stephanie's team were fantastic, even without mummy goggles I don't think anyone could dispute this as only 3 of the 20 children had ever swam in a competition before. Stephanie was a non competitor before today. Her school gave it their all and came 2nd overall! What a fantastic result especially as Stephanie's school does not have a pool and so the children only swim for one term per year with the school and then when us parents take them. The other schools  in the competition had their own pools, which talking to the other parents are used several times a week for training.

I am so proud of Stephanie and her friends/ team mates as were all of the other parents I sat with during the competition. We are very  proud of our children :-)

Listening to the rules before she began.

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