Monday, 16 June 2014

feeling a little less blue

You may have noticed I was feeling a little blue yesterday.
I am feeling better today, I have a plan and that always helps me to feel more organised.

I am doing a little of each of the jobs that were making me feel overwhelmed.
Stephanie's bedroom has been bothering me for a while. I ended up tidying as I chatted to my sister on the phone yesterday. I had only intended to get it started so that she felt more able to complete to, I have almost finished the room during my chat without realising.

The ironing is 1/3 complete. It is 2 weeks worth of ironing so it won't be finished for a couple of days but 15 minutes a day is clearing it.

I have almost caught up with my paperwork.

I have loaded one thing onto eBay this morning, one a day until it is all gone.
I even made myself breakfast this morning;

It is a green smoothie, full of spinach well my iron keeps dipping low so am trying to boost it. I didn't have time to drink it before I left for work so I put it in a flask cup with the intention of drinking it as I set up for the day. Except when I got to work I discovered I had left the cup on the kitchen side. Oh well I guess I am one step closer to making sure I have breakfast.
I have spent this evening doing some school work, chatting with my children and making the dinner for tomorrow as I know I have a busy day as Stephanie has a swimming gala 40 minute drive from home straight after school. So I have made dinner so that it just needs heating and I don't have to rush/stress after work.
I now need to go and finish my marking and then I can go to bed. I am tired but I know that I will be back organised by the weekend. I am also having a night out on Saturday so that is something to look forward to. Well not a night out where I spend lots of money. It is a night out with friends camping, so all I need is a bottle of wine and a little meat to add to the bbq.

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