Sunday, 15 June 2014


I am feeling a little disillusioned/overwhelmed at the moment. I want a simpler life but not sure how/if it is possible for me to do.

So much to do at home, work and things I would like to do if I had more time. I want to crawl into a box and only do the things I want to do and ignore the rest. That's not possible so I curl up and sleep. Also not productive.

I felt like this a month or so ago, went to give blood and found my iron levels were too low and so mine was no use. Maybe they have dipped again. Last month when I felt like this I added spinach to everything I could, and had green smoothies for breakfast. Admittedly I have tailed off the last 2 weeks. Perhaps I need to reassess my diet. I may be eating the wrong foods.

I need to a plan to get myself sorted. I will start by making a menu plan using what food we have, then create a shopping list for what is needed to supplement the plan.

I have been growing veggies in my garden,

the strawberries and raspberries are thriving in all this glorious weather that we are having, the spinach etc. however is not. My cabbage and other greens have shrivelled and are not looking healthy. I think I need to get some more planters and put them pout the front. My garden is south facing which is glorious for me but it does get incredibly hot. I am hoping that if I put pots by the front my lovely neighbours will leave them alone.

This is the front of our home, so not much of a front garden, but I may be able to put a couple of pots out there.

I think I need to make a list of all the things I need/want to get done and set a goal of at last one thing a day to help me get to feeling back in control.

I have for home;
organise the eBay pile- put one thing on to sell a day maybe
ironing- this has got to be a large overflowing basket as I have put it off- 10 mins  day un til caught up
garden, I have managed to make a start on this but 5 mins weeding a day to get up to date
menu plan for the week
baking- I want to make a treat for our lunches etc
breakfast- must make time for this
general cleaning- 15 mins a day- its not dirty just need to keep on top and organise clutter
Stephanie's bedroom- 15 mins a day to declutter.
time to 'just be' with the children, talking and actually listening/ playing whatever it is they want ot do. Stephanie and I curled on the sofa and watched a film together last night. It was bliss. She must have felt the need for it too as she snuck into my bed for a cuddle about 4am. She is still snoozing there now.

I have a lot to do for work and a stressful week coming up. I need to keep focussed and not let things overwhelm me. Today I need to
plan for the week
finish my marking
write 1 school report- if I write one a day they will soon get finished!

I think the main thing I need to do is focus on one task at a time and get my head down to do a little of each a day to get me back to where I want to be instead of feeling like I can't get everything done and overwhelmed so hiding!

things aren't all bad I have managed a few tasks, I took some old shoes to the clothes recycling place I got £5.50 for 2 crates of shoes we don't use anymore. All goes into the summer holiday pot.
I also used the club card boost to get a day at Thorpe park for me and Dylan (Stephanie doesn't like rides) and a day at Drusilla's for Stephanie. So that is 2 days sorted for the summer. We also  have a LEGOLAND trip planned for my nephews birthday treat- I have half price vouchers for this.

So where am I going to start today? I am just off to menu plan and organise a shopping list for when the shops open. Then I shall get breakfast.
I will do my marking while I wait for Stephanie to get up.
This afternoon we are off out to meet up with my sister at a free festival locally. So I need to check out times/ locations for the thing we want to see. I feel a little better just for having a plan.

I will check in during the week to let you know how I am getting on.

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