Sunday, 22 June 2014

playful fun- the beetle game

On Friday evening Stephanie asked if we could play a game. She had an idea for a new game for us to play. I said ok what do we need, we collected the bits and pieces she wanted us to use.

Then she disappeared. Very strange, I thought she had gone to the toilet and started to potter around doing some household jobs whilst I waited for her. When she came back she brought this with her;

It is the instructions for the game. I tis not very clear but it says
1. head
2. body
3. antennae
4. eyes
5. wings
6. legs

We had to roll the dice and we got the corresponding body part. The only requirements were that you had to get the body first. You couldn't get the antenna and eyes until you had a head.
At the end of the game you end up with these;

What a fun way to create a Friday night treat!

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