Sunday, 27 July 2014

a good start to the holidays

Yesterday the day started by cutting the grass etc. in the back garden. Then we popped to the shops, Stephanie needed new trainers then off to my sisters. we went to the library and Stephanie joined up to the summer library challenge. While we were there my sister joined her two eldest to the library and my niece joined the challenge too.

Back to my sisters while the children played we unpacked some more boxes from their move. They are getting there now, house almost sorted.

Then Stephanie and I went off to a local event we go to each July- The Medway Mile. a free event put on by the local council, lots of activities for the children to do, children's races, elite 1 mile race and then the mass participation mile. Stephanie always refuse the children's races preferring to do just the mass event. This year was our fastest yet at just under 10 minutes. Stephanie has decided that next year she would like to be as good as the elite runners and finish in less than 8 minutes! We all need a goal to work towards.

I didn't get many pictures as I forgot to charge my phone before we went.

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