Thursday, 24 July 2014

Summer holidays

It's official the summer holidays have started in my house. 6 weeks with no work/school and lots of time for the children. Let's gloss over the fact Dylan finished school last week and Stephanie finished on Tuesday. I still had to go yesterday. I did have a lovely meal out to celebrate with colleagues. I do have lots of school work to do over the holiday especially with getting to grips with a new curriculum ready for September. But I can do this either when the children aren't home as they will spend time at their dads or early morning as I wake earlier than they do. currently Dylan is not home, he has gone to his aunt's for the night and Stephanie is asleep.

So what have we got planned? A day out today for me and my girl, courtesy of Mr Tesco. Catching up with family and a local fun run tomorrow. Saturday haircut for my girl. Sunday- let's decide then possibly a day out with my sister and her family. Monday next week I am spending the day at work. Stephanie is off to her dad's for a couple of weeks. One day next week I will probably take Dylan to Thorpe park (courtesy of Mr Tesco).  We would like to go for  camping holiday to Cornwall, which will be mid- late august. I haven't booked yet. We would like to go near Penzance, if you know any nice campsites that way please let me know. I am not into all singing all dancing campsites with evening entertainment etc. We prefer the pitch your tent in a field where the evening entertainment is playing ball games etc. If shower and toilet are present and clean, we are happy! There won't be many expensive days out. We will be making full use of our English Heritage and National trust cards, walking in local woods, parks and other open spaces.

What are you planning for the holidays??

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  1. Just read your post, in trewelard nr Penzance there is a small camp site in frills, toilets and shower block, can't remember the name sorry

    1. Thank you. will Google and see if I can find it :-)