Sunday, 20 July 2014

playing house!

Yesterday I had a morning to myself with no children. I decided I would start the summers house sorting little early . We don't finish school until Wednesday here.

I spent all morning sorting out the living room. Clearing out papers etc from around the computer. Moving all the furniture and cleaning behind it. The shelves have been sorted through, lot's of unnecessary papers got rid of, others moved to the right place for filing. children's little bits put back in their bedrooms. The living room looks beautiful again now.

Then I did the same in the hall. Only one piece of furniture there so much less of a task.

I decided to try out a suggestion from another runner to stop the evening snacking on junk by having a more substantial lunch. I saw a recipe posted via Facebook for Lentil salad. Perfect I had all of the ingredients in, except for croutons/ barley bread. I substituted this with wholemeal pittas. I'm not going to lie it did not look appetising. But it tasted fantastic! I will definitely be making it more often.

Look nice tidy shelves.

I then went to help my sister, she is moving tomorrow and I had a chat with her hubby. They were having trouble getting the packing done. He was at the new house getting jobs finished up there. So I went to their flat to help out. It was nearly done. I just supported to be fair and when it came to only being her bedroom left to di I decided it was time to take the children to the park. They were getting tetchy and bored, the baby was tired. so a walk was perfect for giving everyone a distraction. we had a lovely hour or so playing then returned home. Where my sister had very kindly ordere4d fish and chips for dinner.

We ate chatted for a little, then I left so that she could get the children to bed.

I did my ironing when I got in so it is one less job for this evening when I get in.  I did not snack at all during the evening. Today is moving day. I shall be leaving soon to go and help get everything from flat to the new house.

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