Saturday, 19 July 2014

Healthier me

I am working towards a healthier me. I joined a running group to try and motivate me more, I have made a couple of the runs but work and childcare can interfere somewhat. Last night the group offered a speed session with a personal trainer. As it was Friday evening this time I made it., thanks to nanny and granddad having Stephanie.

I'm not going to lie it was tough. It was 33 degrees out at 6:30 last night when we started. We jogged 800m to warm up then did some crazy exercises- looked like a ministry of silly walks! Very amusing. Must have been more amusing for the group of youths sat in the field watching us LOL. Then we set about the real training. 1000m fast as you can run. then 800m, then 600m then ending with 400m. followed by 400m cool down plus stretches. It was tough, more than once I thought I couldn't finish, but I did. Somewhat slower than some of the others but I finished. Liz the personal trainer took some pictures as we were running;

Talking to some of the others made me think about what is slowing me down. Other than a need to train more. My diet is shocking! I can eat really well all day but then by 9pm I am snacking on junk as I sit and do my paperwork. I need to get out of that habit. I am going to stop buying the junk treats which we all love so much so that it removes temptation. If there is chocolate there I will eat it. I am researching healthy snacks I can pick at. I eat fruit all day long at work so don't want to increase my fruit intake anymore. I am not sure what I should be trying to eat instead. So I have a question for you today-

Do you have any favourite snacks that I can pick at late at night, or any other tips to help me?

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