Thursday, 17 July 2014

Nearly there

It's nearly the end of term. I can't wait to spend time at home with my monsters. I do have to share them with their dads but I am sure we can have a fantastic time when they are home. We have a couple of trips out planned (and paid for courtesy of Tesco's). We will be going to Drusilla's and Thorpe park. I also have my national trust and English heritage we shall be making full use of. As well as planning in a frugal camping holiday to Cornwall.

I have been stocking the freezer with cheap (yellow stickered) foods over the last couple of weeks so that I can put a little money away over the next few weeks towards our wee holiday. I also plan on picking up an extra couple of store cupboard items to take with us to keep food costs low whilst we are away. Things like beans, tinned fish, pasta. All the camping staples we enjoy.

Stephanie and I had a lovely day out on Sunday to the Rare breeds centre in Ashford. I took my class there on Monday. One of the other teachers went for the pre-visit check, but I like to know where I am going so decided a family day out would be perfect!

I am having a slow clear out, just a little each night as I have lots of papers etc that I don't need to keep any longer. I am doing a little now, and plan on a big blitz whilst the children are away.

I am also about to get very serious on my marathon training. It's only 16 weeks away. I am running the marathon for MacMillan in December. My just giving page is here if you feel able to contribute to the cause.

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