Sunday, 6 July 2014


I've had a busy at home day today. The reports are finally written and ready to be handed in first thing tomorrow.

In between writing bursts I have been for a run, first one in a fortnight since I injured my foot. I am pleased to say that 3 miles later and my foot is feeling fine, no niggles, no swelling.

I also had my new freezer delivered. Remember I have been complaining for months about the one I had. I have been saving and finally I ordered my new one. Through Quidco naturally so I will get some cash back too. The old one is going to put up on free cycle as soon as I have defrosted it.

My shiny new toy. I have managed to start filling it. I am trying to make life simple for in the summer holidays. So I started with some potatoes I had lurking in the bottom of the sack. They were starting to sprout so I used them up before they were no good. I have made a roast for today's dinner with enough left over to have a microwave meal for us all tomorrow. I have also prepped some roast potatoes for using in the holidays.

Par boiled, tossed in flour then frozen on the tray ready to go in the oven at a later date. They are now sitting neatly in Tupperware tubs in the freezer ready for use as required. I also made up a batch of mashed potato

I have 3 meals of mash and 2 of frozen roasties. That's a good head start on having simple cook meals for the end of lovely summer days. I need to stock the freezer up, that will happen gradually over the next few weeks as I find different foods on offer during the weekly shop. I am also hoping to be able to do a 'butchers run' now I have a new freezer with lots of space.

I have also done some organising on the internet. In December I am going ot be running my first marathon. I decided that I may as well set a proper challenge lol I have set up my just giving page, I am going to be raising for Macmillan. A charity incredibly close to my heart. If you feel able to donate the link is here Marathon fundraising. I will also get a widget to have a direct link on the blog. I need ot just find out how to do that.

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