Saturday, 5 July 2014

Run out of ingredients?

It's just me and Dylan home today. He asked if we could have pizza for dinner today. We had popped to Tesco. I knew I already had the ingredients in so I agreed. When I went to make the bases I realised I didn't have any yeast.
So did I run to the coop? No, although the thought raced through my mind. I reached for Google. I searched for yeast free pizza bases, lots popped up using baking powder. Excellent. Off I popped to the kitchen to get some. Would you believe it, I seem to have run out of that as well. I still didn't go to the shop again though. I did a little more searching and found a recipe using plain flour, butter and milk. Hmm odd I thought completely different to any other pizza dough I have made. But I definitely had those ingredients so I gave it a go. Roll it was a doddle- no kneading required!

I base rolled out, looks similar to my normal base, it feels a bit softer though. I made the pizza like I normally would- frugal style.

basil from the garden got chopped and mixed with;

tomato puree and tomato ketchup (value range of course)

spread over the base. topped with 2/3 of  block of reduced price cheese;

Covered in a favourite topping- I had sweet corn, mushroom and pepperoni. Dylan just had pepperoni. Into the oven for 20 minutes.

One cooked pizza. It was delicious, in fact Dylan and I agree it is much better than our usual recipe for the base. I am a convert!

Oh would you like the recipe so you can try it out? Yeast free pizza dough.
In the recipe tin I got for mothers day. Ready for next time we have pizza!

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