Tuesday, 29 July 2014

A little rant, and then a fab day

Today the teenager and I set off for our annual day out. we have to go on the M25 to get there. The M25 for those of you that know it, is a motorway with a variable speed limit. Today the speed limit was set at this;

So why did a flat bed truck decide the need to flash lights at me, honk his horn and make rude gestures in my rear-view mirror for driving in the left hand lane at 40mph. Mr driver if you happen to be reading this the road sign above means maximum speed of 40MPH. I was driving at 40 MPH in the left lane. I was sticking to a legal speed limit. See the least that can happen if I go over this is a letter from the police reminding me of what the speed limit is and a 'small' £100 fine plus points on my licence which then increase my insurance premium. Which, for me, is enough of a deterrent see, I don't have very much spare cash to foot these bills. The worst that can happen, well I have seen recreations of accidents I don't want to be responsible for one. I have seen a little lad run over from a car going at 20mph roughly, I have seen the damage that slow cars can make. I refuse to willingly go faster than is safe I could not live with myself if I knew I could have caused someone that pain through impatient, thoughtless speeding.

Ok I'm stepping down off of my soapbox now. I felt the need to air my thoughts on the subject.

I hope you have all had a good day, we did once we arrived at our destination. See Dylan and I do like to go fast and the adrenaline rush this can bring. Except, I prefer to do it in a safe environment- we went to Thorpe park. We had a fast and fun day riding all of the big coasters. However, we have agreed we would like to go to a different park next year, we have ridden all of these coasters several times and would like to try some new (to us!) coasters. we will need to save a little more though as we have our sights set on Alton towers, which is going to mean at least one over night stay as it is a very long way from here. Do you like rides? Where/what is your favourite?


  1. I know exactly how you feel about keeping to speed limits, some drivers seem to think that they are not applicable to them. These limits are there for a reason, all around me there are 20mph limits near primary schools, residential homes for the elderly and particularly twisty roads, I have been flashed at, hooted at and overtaken with a roaring engine and hand signals. My response is to blow a kiss. White van man and motorcyclists seem to be the worst. As for those rides, once upon a time I could not keep away, now I do not go near them but I tink it is an age related thing, plus the pressure plays hell with my hips.

    1. It's awful isn't it. Speed limits are there to try and keep us safe. I must say I didn't respond to his bully tactics on the motorway, although I was tempted to show just how good my breaks are! I just carried on driving and felt very relieved when he had passed.

      Sorry you don't enjoy the rides anymore :-)