Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Warburton's deli thins- product review post

I have been lucky enough to be asked to review a packet of these;
I was sent a voucher which covered the cost of the Warburton's deli thins, I was able to choose which variety I tried. I choose the mixed herb and olive oil. I liked the look of these when I have seen them in the shop previously however at £1.60 a packet I was dubious. you get six sandwiches from these. So in my house I thought that would be 1 days worth of pack lunches. I was pleasantly surprised, they are very filling, I only had 1 sandwich worth, as did the teenager in each lunch as they are more filling than they look. Dylan had roast ham in his, I had salad and humus.

They were both very tasty. Well I didn't try his, and he didn't try mine but we both agreed how yummy they were. I only managed to eat half of the food pictured above in my lunch. I put the other in a sandwich box and ate it the next day.

So as we only managed to eat one each a day that would mean that the £1.60 makes 2 lunches in our little family of 3. Still a lot of money when you consider that that is only the outer- you still have to fill them.  A fabulous treat lunch though. I will buy them again, but they won't be a regular feature in our shopping basket.

I was sent the voucher to purchase the deli thins by Bzz agent. I received no payment for this review.


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