Thursday, 31 July 2014

More summer fun.

This afternoon I had my nephew for the afternoon while my sister went to do some birthday shopping. He's gong to be 4 next week. I have never had him on his own before, only ever with my niece as well (his big sister). However she is away at brownie camp this week. So just a day with the boy. We had lots of fun, playing water guns, bubbles and making a rad mat for the car he brought with him.

It was lovely, so nice to have just him. He found it hard for the first 5 minutes, he is a mummies boy and doesn't like to separate bless him. Once I got the water gun out we were best pals!!

drawing the car mat, then playing and deciding that there were details missing.
He loved this so much that it went home with him, we added some more when we went back to his house later in the afternoon. It is now in his living room. We drew it on some old carpet underlay paper I had in the cupboard- nice a strong and takes a lot to tear it, so perfect for this kind of project.
It's a lot more fun to pop bubbles with a  water gun- brilliant for hand eye coordination, it takes a lot of skill.

I am loving the weather at the moment, I always enjoy the warmer weather but this year is the nicest summer for a while. Please let it continue, we have booked our camping holiday to Devon and Cornwall for a couple of weeks time.

how are you spending the days through the summer?

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