Friday, 1 August 2014

Run buddy challenge- August

To help me with motivation for my running I have decided to join the 100mile challenge set by run buddy. The idea is to keep a total on the miles that are run through August with the target being to reach 100 miles. I am not sure how well I will do, we are away for a fortnight in August, but I shall be taking my trainers, they will be shorter runs as Stephanie will join me. I am sure we can find some beautiful places to run though.

I like a challenge and this one enables me to run when I have time. I went for a run this morning with my lovely running group. Map my run followed me and decided that I ran 5.4 miles. I did this in less than 55 minutes. Running with the group really motivates me to push myself. It's a shame I don't have as much time to join them during term time but never mind. I didn't realise I could run that fast for so long as I managed today so I am feeling really pleased with myself. Partly as I went with the faster runners to make sure I pushed myself, also as I didn't know the route I didn't want to get lost! LOL Not that the group would leave me behind but pride won't allow me to have one of them sow down to be with me, so I sped up to be with them. I am planning on running the local park run in the morning so that will be another 3 miles to add towards Augusts total. A goal helps to maintain my focus, what helps you to remain focussed, whether it's running or another goal that you are working towards?

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