Saturday, 2 August 2014

Forgaing makes

So the other day when we went blackberry picking Stephanie decided to make a fruit cordial with the berries she picked. Here is the cordial in the bowls;
Last night it was ready for bottling. Stephanie isn't here, but as she won't be back for another week I needed to get this in the bottles so that it doesn't spoil before she returns. So I set about separating the cordial from the fruit;
And then into sterilised bottles;
Not a bad amount of cordial for  the cost of 900g of sugar and a little tartaric acid. everything else was free. I had a taste and it is fruity very like squash, which I don't actually like but I had a little atste. Dylan had a glass and declared "it's better than Ribena, you can actually taste the fruit in it!"

High praise indeed from the boy who only eats fruit under duress! I can't wait until Stephanie gets home and has a try. I hope she likes it as much!

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