Tuesday, 5 August 2014

reduing the sugar

I have a terrible sweet tooth. I am setting a challenge to reduce the sugar that I eat. I am trying very hard to say no to chocolate and other sugar induced products. I also want to cut down on processed foods etc. I am trying to move towards 'clean eating'. Where you only eat natural foods. It is going to be a challenge and not one I can change over night. But slowly I am going to try.

whatever food I am eating breakfast is a problem. Mostly because I enjoy going out for morning runs. Breakfast first is a nono- makes you sick. But no fuel in the belly means that energy runs low. Which for me is around the 7-9 miles mark depending on what I have eaten the day before. I really need to work out how to get past this to crack on with the marathon training. So I decided last night that  I was going to try a recipe for banana and nut cookies I found here on The kitchen shed. I confess to be dubious after all there is no sugar/ flour in the recipe how is it a cookie?

these are the ingredients;

mashed banana, cashew nuts (recipe says mixed this is all I had), rolled oats, ground cinnamon and vanilla extract- I forgot the picture of that!

mash the banana, chop the nuts and mix it all together, is the basic idea of the recipe. I wasn't going to stand and individually chop all the nuyts so I roughly crushed them in the pestle and mortar;
once all ingredients are thoroughly mixed you can separate into cookies. I decided I wanted to make mine into a cake bar so I pressed mine into a cake tin;

Cook at gas mark 6 for around 20 minutes.
Once cooked cool on a rack, this is where I cut mine into slices. Once cool refrigerate and eat within 3 days.

Simple and they taste surprisingly good. I haven't tried their benefits whilst running yet- it's a cross training day so I will be at a fitness session this evening instead of a morning run. I will let you know how I get on once I have tried them as running fuel.

 Have you tried clean eating/ similar foods. What are your favourites?

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