Saturday, 30 August 2014

Cooking evening

I have had a slow start to the day here. I got up Stephanie went off to her dad's for a couple of nights. Once she had gone I decided to do some paperwork ready for back t oschool next week. My aunt popped round and we had a good gossip and catch up. Once she left I got dressed. Dylan and I decided to try some new recipes for dinner tonight. We needed a few key ingredients (these will be used in our cooking all month for those that weren't all used today) so popped to the shop then got cooking. Here is what we had;

Starter; curry samosas
Main; piri piri chicken, potatoes and salad

dessert; lemon sponge
It was really nice to cook side by side. And the meal was delicious, we will definitely try it again. We haven't yet had any of the cake as we were so full after eating the rest. I'm sure we will have some soon though.
And the best bit is there is enough left to have it all over again another day. I love 'dinner revisited' especially when we enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed this.
What are your favourite meals to have as leftovers?


  1. Can I just say -- YUM!

    & thanks for your comment over at my blog today!