Monday, 1 September 2014

School prep

This morning I had a
quiet start to the day- both children stayed at their dad's last night. I woke up around 6 read for a little while- a luxury that stops tomorrow! Then put the washing out before making breakfast and heading back to bed with it!!
Once I had eaten I stayed there just long enough to sew in all the name labels ready for the start of term. Thank goodness I only have to do one child's now- Dylan refuses to let me name label his clothes anymore ;-)

Didn't seem so much of  a chore laying in bed. It was soon finished then I had the lot to iron and put away. I got dressed and it was soon time for Stephanie to come home

We had some snuggles and  a catch up about how her weekend has been before she decided that as her last treat day of the holiday with me we would go swimming!

Stephanie has an extra couple of days of school than me and Dylan so she is off to spend a couple of days at her dad's house so she doesn't have to get up too early. Also it means that her Dad can take her to school for her first day of year 4- what happened to my little baby girl??!!

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