Monday, 29 September 2014

number 23 off the bucket list...


Yes you read that I right. I managed to do more than I had set myself on my bucket list. I wanted to runa  10k race and not walk any of it. Yesterday I ran my first half marathon- that is 21K!! so more than double my original target.

It was  glorious autumn day, the kind where you want o sit in the garden and enjoy the last of the sunshine. Not the kind of day to make a long seaside run comfortable! LOL
Still lots of water drunk and some poured over the head to cool as I ran and I finished it. I am impressed with my time 2:23:59 I wanted a sub 2 hour 30, so I achieved that with time to spare. I am so pleased with myself.

This was me near the beginning of the race.

Me and my medal at the end.
Oh I also ran a park run on Saturday, they are 3 miles long. I got a personal best there as well, running it in 27 minutes. So all in all a fabulous, but exhausting weekend.


  1. That's absolutely fantastic!! Well done on 21k!! You well exceeded your target and did in a superb time. You should be really proud.x

    1. Thank you Danni. I am really pleased I did it- next target a marathon!