Sunday, 21 September 2014


We've had a lovely weekend. Both children were home. On Saturday we did the usual swim/ gym/ shopping things. Then went to my aunt's. One of her dogs had puppies  in August. I can't believe how they have grown!

There are 6 of them altogether. Cute little terrors! The one at the top loved Dylan's trainers he is called chunk as he is the biggest. The one Stephanie has sat with her, and is also in the lower picture is Pippa.

Today Stephanie and I went to buy a suitcase, she is going on Brownie camp and our handy sized one has a broken zip. So we popped to Matalan and got a new one. It was meant to cost £22 but they had a 30% off for members day so I only paid £15.40! That was a happy surprise. We then went to  a local country park where they were having a countryside day.

decorating a frisbee

We watched the man making this owl. It was fascinating to watch.

Decorating a butterfly.
We had a fabulous time.
When we got home I sent Stephanie out to the garden to collect some carrots for dinner.

I love how home grown carrots grow!


  1. That looks like a really goos day and my I bet the carrots tasted good :)

  2. "I love how home grown carrots grow!"

    LOL! Me too.