Sunday, 2 November 2014


Yesterday we returned to legoland after an awful visit in the summer holidays, so bad that I complained. As a result of my complaint we were offered free tickets to return to the park. We finally found a day which we were all free, as were my sister and her family. I have to confess I was still sceptical, after all it is still a school holiday and it was legoland's fireworks display last night. We packed a bag of nibbles and drinks and off we went. We decided to do the rides we hadn't been on last time, not a difficult task as we got on just 4 rides last time, hence the complaint!
We managed nearly all of the rides we wanted to go on this time

We arrived at the park not long after opening and left at 9pm after the rides closed. It was a fabulous day. The fireworks were phenomenal, the best display I have seen in this country. So good I didn't take many pictures, I stood and watched. 

I am so pleased we were able to give legoland another chance this year. It was worth the wait, I would never have thought to go up for the fireworks before. I am planning on saving specifically to go for the fireworks here next year, or if Stephanie is feeling even braver with rides perhaps we will go to one of the parks with bigger rides!

What have you done recently which surprised you?

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