Sunday, 28 December 2014


As I mentioned yesterday I have been feeling reflective. Then over on Elaine's blog I saw a video from Jack Mindstore. He is offering ways to help us to have a more positive 2015, by setting goals that are important. Today he said about clearing the clutter in our lives. My first thought was, pah I don't have any, we only moved here a few weeks ago and I took 5 car loads to the dump before we moved. However, I sat and pondered for a while. Intrigued by what I had heard on the video I listened to the first post I had missed yesterday. I listened to the video twice. During the second listening I reached onto the shelf next to me and pulled out a notebook I used to use at uni. I used to write my reflections about what I had learnt in there. I started by making my wheel of life as prompted as Jack spoke. I paused the video several times to give myself time to think as I made my wheel. I suspected that my life wheel was out of balance- however actually making one showed me just how out of balance it is. This is something for me to address over the coming year.

I then went out in the kitchen to make dinner, as I was sorting the meal I looked up and realised that my new home isn't as clutter free as I would like to think. For instance just look at this window ledge;

It certainly wasn't clutter free. So I set about organising all of the things which have accumulated on there and put them in their rightful places. It now is a much better place, let's face it if my plans to grow more vegetables in 2015 are going to come about I shall need that space for my seedlings!

Then as I put away the kitchen foil I realised I have another place in my home collecting clutter;

I am off to organise that now, I wait eagerly for the next instalment of Jack's wisdom over on Elaine's blog.

How do you see your 2015 panning out?


  1. Wishing you all the very best for 2015.

    1. Thank you- and all the best to you too!