Monday, 29 December 2014

Garden plans

I have started to organise our garden space. I have made a list of what we would like to grow this year. I am sure I will add to this as the weeks go by. This is our new garden. so much more space. I am planning on turning the top right corner into a vegetable patch. I am also toying with the idea of growing in the front garden too. I shall start with the back and then see how time etc. goes.
We also have a patio area which was littered with my plant pots which I brought with us from the old house. It was all everywhere- dumped! As the first thing I saw as I come out the back door it wasn't very inspiring. So yesterday after I had rebuilt the trampoline for the children I had a quick tidy up. the plants have been moved to underneath the dining room window. they look much tidier there, and means this is a better looking space as I come outside.

The pallet in the photograph is destined to become the first of the raised beds I wants to place in the garden. I am hoping to get out and make that this week. then I will try and source some more once I know how well they go. then a bit of a sweep and the patio area will be ready- even if the weather isn't! LOL
This is onne of my main goals for the next year- to have a more fruitful garden and was one of the reasons for the house move.

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