Saturday, 3 January 2015

My Word of the year for 2015 is...


You see I used Jack Mindstore's 4 day process to set my goal for the future. Some I will not achieve completely in 2015 but I am going to make a solid start on them. I have whittled down my goals from 28 to just 7. All of the goals involve improving our family life, through our finances and our health.

I know I always set out well in January and some where along the way in February/ March things start to slide, then I get itchy feet in April and want o go off exploring in May and then throughout the summer. Then I loose my way in the return to work in September, then I get completely lost in the Christmas excitement. My years follow a cycle. I can see that. so I am trying super hard to set things in motion that help me to achieve my goals by breaking them down  into baby steps. Wish me luck!

Today I set about sorting out financial goals for January. I have;

been through my freezer and meal planned for the whole of January and from this produced-

a shopping list. Then Dylan and I set off to shop. I am hoping that I will not need to go back to the shops for the rest of the month. I may need a fruit/ veg top up shop but I am going to try and use the local shops for this to reduce temptation to fill up with 'bargains' at the supermarket.
I did pick up a fantastic bargain today whilst in town. I was a little sceptical but thought it's only 99p, worth a try. Look what I bought in the 99p shop
My hair desperately needed to be dyed. It hasn't been done since the summer the roots were very visible and so were the greys. So much so that before Christmas when one of the little ones in my class drew a pictu8re of me she proudly told me she had practised looking carefully and had drawn my hair with the red bits at the bottom and the grey bits at the top! Out of the mouth of babes aye?!

There much better, all one colour and no greys peaking through. I can't believe how well this dye worked. I usually have my hair dyed by a hairdresser friend. The last few months have been so busy that either I'm not free or she isn't. Hence the state of my roots. I don't pay her anywhere near what I would pay if I went to a salon- a mere £10. However, this was 99p a saving of £9.00. I am going to send that over to the credit card bill, at the moment online banking is down for maintenance but it will wing it's way over there as soon as it is back up and running.
One of my goals for the year is to achieve this;

excuse the poor picture- it was a photo of my computer screen. Before Christmas I transferred my credit card balance to an interest free one as the free period had run out on this card. This is how I am going to make the new card look too!

Have you set a plan in motion for achieving your goals? How are you approaching this year?



  1. I love your go and get them attitude for the coming year. You go.girl!
    Fab bargain on the hair dye too
    X x

    1. Thank you. I am hoping that the momentum will propel me through the rest of the year if I push hard now!
      Hair dye was a complete bargain, I bought 2 in case there wasn't enough dye in one pack for my thick hair. Turns out one pack was enough so I can use the other to touch up the roots in a few weeks time.